Hey guys, welcome to the most boring part of our blog where we have decided to make sure we are extremely open and honest with you all in everything we do when it comes to the posts you see on the Blog.

Our Blog is a blog to help you find those hard to find outfits and to also help you make some savings where we find items for less. See us as a free personal fashion stylist who doesn’t charge you in any way shape or form.

This blog is very much yours as it is ours and for this reason we want to go over any grey areas when visiting the blog. If there is anything you feel is missing please feel free to drop us an email to: fashionsosinfo@gmail.com

All images on fashion-s-o-s.com are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain. Images posted are believed to be posted within FSOS rights according to the U.K. Copyright Fair Use Act. However, if you think that any content appearing on the website infringes your copyright, please let us know by emailing fashionsosinfo@gmail.com and this will be removed as soon as possible.

As a perk of being a blogger, we are sometimes sent free items in exchange for product placement on the blog, and whilst we do appreciate every offer we get, we are very selective when it comes to choosing and accepting free things. 

Our general rule is that, if we wouldn’t buy it for ourselves we don’t feel overly comfortable promoting it on the blog and decline some offers as a result. All of our thoughts and opinions are completely genuine, regardless of whether something has been given to us or not. 

If we don’t like something that has been sent in we will either refrain from posting about the item or continue to create an honest (and potentially negative) review, depending on the brand’s preference. Please note that it is down to the brand to arrange postage costs if they would like their products to be sent back. As of 23/06/15 all items marked with an asterisk (*) are products that have been gifted to us.

Much like the products that are sent to us, we are sometimes approached by companies requesting us to advertise their company through a post.

When it comes to including sponsored posts on the blog we have a few set rules that we make sure we stick to when considering paid content. 

Whilst we do appreciate that SEO is an important part of being on the internet, we do not accept pure SEO-based posts that don’t benefit us in any way. 

Content must be related to our  blog and to you our readers to be considered. When it comes to posting sponsored content we do not accept text that is pre-written by company representatives other than our own written text, purely because we wish to keep this blog completely true to our style and personality. 

We do not accept compensation for guaranteed positive reviews.

We also use affiliate links, meaning we receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on them, at no extra cost to you.  These sales help keep Fashion S.O.S running, so we thank you in advance for your support! 

Additionally, you can be rest assured knowing that we will never promote a product or service we don’t use and love ourselves. 

Fashion SOS